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In-demand roles include General Manager, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Sales/Business Development, M&A, Accounting/Finance, Professional Services, Development, and Support.

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Are You a Good Fit?

We look for these characteristics:



We are an entrepreneurial organization and we need leaders who are hands on, competitive and willing to take good business risks.



We look for people who are focused on personal and professional growth, who can drive their own projects, who are limited solely by their willingness to learn, and who ideally want the opportunity to lead a team or business in the future.


This is a fast-paced business relying heavily on data. We need someone who can learn and apply knowledge quickly and who has strong analytical and Excel skills.


We want people who want to grow with us over the long term. We prefer candidates who have a stable employment history, rather than jobhoppers seeking the best new thing.


People who are excited by the prospect of “wearing different hats” do well at our companies. Altair offers the opportunity to grow, learn, try new things, fail fast, and try again. We are interested in people who have a flexible attitude.


We are looking for professionals who combine the above attributes with a positive attitude towards people management, with an emphasis on communication, professional growth, feedback and mentorship.

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An Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) works hand in hand with senior leaders in a consultative fashion to explore, analyze and execute new initiatives within one of our verticals.

This is a unique opportunity, a flexible position which can be aligned with the experience of the candidate. As such, the responsibilities will vary and may include the following:

  • Software Product Management
  • Market Research & Business Development
  • Financial Analysis
  • Technical Awareness
  • Process Improvement

The ideal candidate has an MBA as well as senior-level experience in one of our vertical markets. Alternatively, experience in Product Management or Business Development or other senior role in the software industry or a successful software startup would be a good fit.

A successful EIR could grow into a GM or a strategic M&A leader.

General Manager / CEO

General Managers oversee one or more of our business units, working closely with the Group Portfolio Manager to grow the business, coach our teams and promote a positive corporate culture.

The  GM leads all teams across the business unit, and will have the following primary responsibilities:

  • Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Team Building/Coaching
  • Client Relationships
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Business Growth

The ideal GM candidate has senior management experience in a software company, preferably in a vertical market environment, with a proven record of success in sales/business development.

A successful GM could grow into an M&A leader or Portfolio Manager.

Sales/Business Development

As our business model is based on growth – not only through acquiring new businesses, but continuing to organically grow our current businesses – we’re always looking for salespeople to drive new, strategic sales in our niche vertical markets.

Reporting to senior leadership, Sales/BD roles lead or assist in the full sales cycle, including sales strategy, lead generation, high-level solution assessment, demonstrations, partnering/teaming, proposal leadership, account plan management, and deal closure. Our sales roles include:

  • Account Executive/Senior Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Manager

No matter what level, we expect everyone on our sales team to be strong, hands-on individual contributors.

The ideal candidate has proven success in consultative software sales in a vertical environment. Strong preference is given to individuals with experience in the relevant niche industry. Additionally, for sales leaders, experience in sales strategy, sales process, business development, and/or people management is preferred.

A successful salesperson can move up within the sales team, move into senior operational leadership, or use their consultative/selling skills on our M&A team.

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