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Altair Water Cooler Highlights – September 2021

Oct 5, 2021

 The Altair team had a great September, both in the Water Cooler chat, and live. Check out what we got up to!

New Acquisition!

This month, we were thrilled to announce the acquisition of Infinity Software, a leading provider of alternative lending solutions. Join us in welcoming them to the Altair family!


New Team Members

We are happy to welcome Zachary D, who joins the Altair accounting team, Ajah D and Garrett S who join the FAME team, and Brent H, who joins Emphasys PHA.


Chipotle Office Lunch 9/1

To kick off the month of September, several team members came into the office to share in a catered, buffet-style Chipotle lunch.

We made certain to take health precautions by asking for masks and gloves to be worn when serving food and before sitting to eat, to ensure the safety of our valued employees.

It was great to spend some quality time with our teammates after so long mostly seeing each other through a screen.

Mercedes Benz Corporate Run 9/2

We were thrilled to have some of our team members participate in the 2021 Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run in Fort Lauderdale, an event that promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle. While some of us chose to walk the 5K, others went all out, including Conor S, who clocked in an impressive time of 20:15.

Check out some of the pictures captured by our participants during the event. We can’t wait for next year!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game 9/3

The Altair team wrapped up a week of in-person activities (including an office lunch and a 5K) with a trip to see the Miami Marlins beat the Phillies. Those who attended got to hang out in The Social, a great group gathering spot in LoanDepot Park, and take part in an awesome night of conversation, hot dogs, and baseball.

Random Break Time 9/16

National Coffee Day 9/29

On the day dedicated to the fuel many of us rely on, Howie T, asked a very brave yet controversial question; do you love Starbucks or not? Here’s how the results panned out:

First Random Break Time with Infinity 9/30

As of late, random break times in which we can interact virtually have become somewhat of an ongoing tradition. As we wrapped up September, we gladly welcomed our new team members from Infinity to join in the socializing. See you next time!


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