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Altair Water Cooler Highlights – July and August 2021

Sep 10, 2021

 Check out what we got up to in the months of July and August inside our company-wide Water Cooler chat.

New Employees

These last couple of months, we were lucky enough to welcome some great new people to out Altair family.


  • Leondro B (FAME)
  • Conor S (Altair)
  • Barbara N (PHA)
  • Brian C (PHA)
  • John J (HFT)

New Altair Baby

On 8/23, Grace T brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. We are so thrilled for her family!

National Junk Food Day 7/21 – Staff Picks

  • Ice Cream
  • Pizza
  • Fries
  • Any weird popcorn from Trader Joe’s
  • Steak and Shake Cookies and Cream Milkshake
  • Spicy Publix Chicken Wings with Potato Wedges
  • BurgerFi Banana Churro Shake

System Administrator Appreciation Day 7/30

On this day, we recognized the various SysAdmins who keep us up and running year-round and without whom we would be lost.

  • Seth S
  • Sean C
  • Jerry V
  • Jerryn C
  • Javier B
  • Evan L
  • Furio F
  • Mark K
  • Lane O
  • Pedro R
  • Sam F


We had another awesome random break time, allowing us to once again get some much-needed face time with teammates across all Altair business units, even ones who rarely get the chance to interact with each other. Check out some of the screenshots we captured across the virtual break rooms.

National Dog Day 8/26

On this day, dog parents across Altair shared snapshots of their furry friends being weird, quirky, or just plain cute. Scroll below to check out some of our favorite canine companions.


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