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Altair Water Cooler Highlights – April 2021

May 11, 2021

As we continue our monthly Water Cooler Highlights series, we look at the moments in which we have joined in to celebrate big and small moments with each other and gathered together virtually to socialize, cook, debate, and get fit.

Altair Baby Boom!

Two bundles of joy joined our Altair family this month. Congratulations again to Greg H. and Suresh C. on their beautiful baby girls!

New Team members

Help us to welcome Munnah K. and Bill K. to Emphasys  software, where they will be joining the PHA and TDM divisions respectively. We’re thrilled to have you!

April walk/run challenge

The more competitive (and fit) Altair employees joined in on the Altair April Challenge, tracked on the Nike Run Club app, to see who could put in the most miles over the course of the month.

Bala K. finished with the coveted first place spot, and the app stopped counting after he hit 100 miles! Seth S. came in second with an impressive 60.72 miles. He was very closely followed by our very own CEO, Ken Reimer, who had 60.69 miles to his name.

April Employee Spotlights

We continued our Employee Spotlight series on LinkedIn, this month featuring Tim Valdez, the VP of Client Services for EPIC Loan Systems and Hector Cordero, Tech Lead Senior Developer for FAME. Check them out!

company-wide random break time 4/1

Our first ever company-wide random break time! Employees from across Altair, including FAME, Emphasys Software, and Epic Loan Systems, got the chance to gather together and meet new people across our businesses. 

National SUperhero day 4/28

To mark this important day on the calendar, two polls were conducted among employees. Did the majority get it right? Or tragically wrong? You decide…

virtual cookalong (and wine tasting) 4/29

 Scott Evans and Steven Pabom treated us to a special virtual cookalong in which, having provided us with a list of ingredients prior, participants were encouraged to try to recreate a one-pan pasta, a stromboli, or both.  Special guest star, George Rodriguez, GM of Emphasys Software, also led a wine tasting, featuring a Clark & Telephone Pinot Noir from Belle Glos. Yum!


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