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Altair Water Cooler Highlights – March 2021

Apr 7, 2021

As the shift towards remote work and virtual meetings entrenches itself deeper into the standard operating procedures of many businesses, Altair has aimed to continue to maintain the culture of teamwork, workplace community, and employee engagement. In light of this, our company-wide Water Cooler team chat, encompassing all of Altair’s businesses, has become the hub where we endeavor to cultivate employee togetherness. 

As we begin a new month, let’s take a look at the Water Cooler highlights from the month of March.

New Team Member

Join us in welcoming Steven M. and Javier B. to the PHA division of Emphasys Software!

Retirement Announcement

We congratulate Enrique H. of Emphasys Software on his career – and his retirement! Best wishes, Enrique!

Birth Announcement

On 3/24, Justin K. of Emphasys Software welcomed a new, adorable member to his family – and to the Altair family. We celebrate this joyful occasion with him!

Employee Spotlight Kickoff

March saw the beginning of our Employee Spotlight series on LinkedIn. Each week, one Altair employee was featured so they could share with the world who they are, what their career journey has been like, and what their time at Altair has meant to them.

Employee Appreciation Week Giveaways 3/1 – 3/5

The week kicked off with a win by Abdullah C., showing some impressive number-guessing skills. His guess of 367 was only off by 4!

He was joined in the winners’ circle the same day by Clifton A., whose number guess was off by (a slightly less impressive) 7.

Jessica P. took the win a few days later by being one of the few people to guess a number under 100 when the answer was… 3.

Wrapping up the week, Jessie T. won the notoriously difficult “how many M&Ms in the jar” game. Most impressive!

Swag Day 3/3

Employees that submitted photos of themselves showing off their company swag were entered in a drawing for a $25 credit to be used on…. More company swag! The real star of the day ended up being the Altair mug. Truly a must-have in every home.

Sports Jersey Day 3/4

While some showed off their favorite jerseys on themselves, others posted pictures of their favorites in action on the field. Either way, team spirit certainly abounded!

Pizza + Bingo Happy Hour 3/5

Participants pulled out their company-provided Domino’s gift cards to fuel up for a few intense rounds of Bingo. Since we always keep things interesting, the afternoon also included some “real or fake” guessing of Florida Man Headlines™.  With special appearances by an adorable baby, a llama, an alien, and…. a couple of potatoes??? The night was a resounding success.

St. Patrick’s Day 3/17

Employees geared up to participate in a picture scavenger hunt to enter a raffle for Altair Swag Bucks. Lindsey S. took home the win… and on her birthday too!


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