Vertical Software Investments

Altair acquires vertically focused software companies and invests in their long-term growth.

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Our “Hold Forever” Approach

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Altair acquires vertical software companies that offer mission-critical solutions in niche markets.


We apply operational best practices and develop a deep talent pool while maintaining an autonomous operating environment.

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Through a combination of organic growth initiatives and follow-on acquisitions, we aim to grow niche market leaders.

Being Acquired

Our Industry Focus

One of our most valuable resources is our wealth of experience in specific industry sectors:

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higher education

Our companies serve the wider post-secondary market, from for-profit career schools to public and traditional institutions.

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We  invest in a variety of speciality lending technologies for specific loan types, such as retail or online lending, and for specific service providers, such as credit unions.

Affordable Housing

Altair companies lead the industry in software solutions and services for public housing authorities and housing finance agencies.


Other Vertical Markets

We will review investment proposals from other industry verticals as long as your company is focused on a niche vertical and offers mission critical software.

Our Brands


At Altair we’re drawn to colleagues with a deep sense of curiosity, who are open to learning and have a bias for action. Because we understand that great businesses require exceptional talent, we strive hard to create a culture that allows everyone to develop to their fullest potential.

What’s your goal?

Whether you’re looking to stay and continue growing your company or to retire, Altair Software knows how to optimize your transition.